If you want to become a member, please see Become a member of the GBCA.



  • Blue=Member
  • Green=Suspended (on [date], until [date])
  • Yellow=Former (left [date])
  • Pink=Possible Member
  • Red=Banned (on [date])
  • Orange=Kicked (on [date])
  • Purple=Inactive for 30 days (since [date]) [If you are inactive for 2 months, you will be kicked, in which you can rejoin if you want]


  • Blue=Leader
Can basically do anything not against ToU or Rules, can also promote someone or suspend, kick or ban someone
  • Red=General
Can kick, suspend or ban (with permission of leader) a member and approve requests for membership also can do anything a private can
  • Green=Private
Can create code, propose a change and approve 'possible member' request
  • Pink=No Rank, possible member


Name Date Joined Link Languages Rank Status
AngrydroidForce99 August 5th, 2016 Wikia English (native), Polish

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